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The equipment BACtrack's are powerful electronic blood alcohol meters that can better assist you in your decision-making after a happy hour with your friends or at a family dinner. Because when it comes to alcohol, there is usually a significant difference between how do you feel and how are you really debilitated.

However, the BACtrack This helps you to eliminate this uncertainty. These small devices estimate your alcohol level quickly and with professional accuracy.

O BACtrack C6 and C8, have a free application, which can be downloaded on your smartphone (IOS or Android) and through this you can access a variety of resources BACtrack additional ones that increase your IQ by drinking, such as:

- Figure out your BAC and how long it will take to return to zero;

- Request an Uber, directly from the app;

- Have a history of where, when you used and your previously detected fees.

- How long before you're sober again.

Already the BACtrack GO, has an ultra-compact design - fits into a purse or pocket and can easily be used as a key ring - and is one of the smallest and most accurate alcohol meters on the market.

In addition to reliable products, the BACtrack is one of the most recognized companies in this field, with emphasis on the NEW YORK TIMES and FORBES.

Don't waste any more time. Ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.


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