As technology reason of being is to afford all the more and better well-being into the livelihood of all of us.
Regardless of the sphere of its development technology's reason is to serve humanity direct and indirectly - for the benefit of human beings.

4Umans For Humans

A new business of Microsegur Group, specialised in the online sale and marketing of integrated and innovative engineering and technology solutions. That provides the well-being and safety of people, their goods and installations, both in actions/activities carried out by the Group itself and others, either directly or indirectly.

Our Promise

To provide technologies, systems and equipments that are easy to use, install and maintain, with proven efficiency and effectiveness in the control, optimization, detection and monitoring of all types of human activity, inherent risks or associated resources;

Available anywhere, 365 days, 24/7, with fast deliveries;

Simple and easy to use and install;

Low cost of maintenance and assistance;

Original quality and reliability.

Our Mission

To provide simple and easy solutions, systems and equipments to install that are reliable and effective able to minimize and/or mitigate the possibility of occurrence of incidents, due to human or other failures, which may exposes to risk or affect the integrity of individuals, property and property.

Our Solutions/Equipments

Integrated and innovative engineering and technology solutions for the well-being and safety of people, their assets and installations:

  • Trust and warranty;
  • Key in hand;
  • Easy to install and use;
  • Versatile and easily adaptable;
  • Reliable and robust;
  • Better quality/price ratio.

Quick Deliveries

  • Products in stock guarantee very fast deliveries.

Our Complementary Services

  • Assistance to Clients and Business and/or volume;
  • Technical support, installation and training (assembly, management and related);
  • Maintenance and Assistance (repair, consumables, contracts).

Right to Know
Right to Know

At 4Umans we make a point of identifying the origin of the manufacture and production of all the solutions and equipment we sell, as well as their main components, thus placing the option of purchase at the customer's discretion.

Store, Site and App 4Umans

  • Total confidence, without surprises, you can even see and feel product in the Store;
  • In the native languages;
  • Easy and simple to navigate/buy;
  • Fast and safe deliveries;
  • Return policies;
  • Technical and installation support (Remote/Telemarketing);
  • Warranty.

Our Guarantee

4Umans, through a service of excellence, seeks continuous improvement and offers its clients the means to honor our word.

  1. 4Umans is only an intermediary company between manufacturers and final consumers;
  2. All solutions and equipment marketed by 4Umans are not manufactured by it. At the time of sale, 4Umans passes to the Client the guarantee of these same solutions and equipment;
  3. Each solution/equipment has its warranty defined by its manufacturers, which is specified on our website page regarding the solution/equipment.
  4. The licenses and/or legal certifications required by the solutions/equipment marketed by 4Umans are the exclusive responsibility of their respective manufacturers.