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Have you ever realised how much time you spend looking for a new parking space because someone has misused your space? - And the stress this causes you on a daily basis?

Oh, so you pay your parking fee monthly?
Have you done the math on how much that costs you annually?

The world is changing rapidly. Cities are becoming overpopulated and crowds are inevitable. As residential buildings grow, the number of parking spaces for their tenants stagnates. These problems are compounded by urbanisation processes.

Therefore, the need for a private parking space becomes increasingly important, but the question arises - how do I protect my parking space?

We present you the solution: PARKLIO.


Parklio is a smartphone-controlled parking barrier that protects your parking space from unauthorised use while providing reliable control and efficient parking management.

Compared to traditional parking barriers, Parklio offers innovative features and many possibilities, such as:

  • Very simple and easy installation;
  • Option of "automatic closing", after vehicle exit
  • Latest generation integrated solar panel, for a greater and sustainable autonomy;
  • Vandal-proof design;
  • Supports more than 6 tons of cargo;
  • Smartphone control via free app (Android & iOS)
  • Temporary sharing of visitor access codes;
  • 2 power options (lithium ion battery and normal power);
  • With 15 kg of non-bending, high-strength steel;
  • Resistant and functional under any kind of weather conditions;
  • Safety pin for manual or emergency control;
  • 4 Safety switches for manual or emergency access;
  • Easy integration with other access control systems (API);

Protect your parking space, guarantee your Parklio and enjoy your parking without worries.

Get yours now! 

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