Yes. However, the general recommendation is that you calibrate your BACtrack every 12 months or more. However, with proper use and care, we have seen our devices maintain their accuracy for much longer than that.
It really depends on the performance of the device - if you notice something is off, it's probably time to calibrate it. Otherwise, if you don't see any drop in performance within a year, there's no need to send it to the factory yet.

All alcohol measuring devices electronics BACTRACK's personal can be combined with our mobile app, also called "BACtrack".
This allows you to record BAC test results and analyze detailed information about your results. This application is for personal use and testing.

The units are much smaller and easy to store and transport, they are great for nights in town when you would like to test your own blood alcohol level to make sure you are making informed decisions.
Professional level electronic alcohol meters are not Bluetooth enabled. Therefore, it is not possible to connect these units to the mobile application to record alcohol results.

Also, the professional level units are more intended for large scale events where you would test several people regularly. These units are built to withstand a greater volume of testing.

BACtrack C8 has a larger OLED display than the BACtrackC6, so our patented ZeroLine feature (time to BAC is 0.000%) is only available in the app. The C8 is our first device to offer this feature directly on the device itself when used in standalone mode

The application is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

There's how to buy the consumables aside. We sell the box that contains 20 units.


No. You do not need a new nozzle each time you use the meter.Be sure to follow the directions for use and the unit will produce an accurate result. However, it is recommended to use additional mouthpieces if you will be testing multiple users with one BACtrack unit for sanitation purposes. The mouthpieces are washable and reusable.

BACtrack C6 Keychain Electronic Alcohol can last thousands of uses over its lifetime.
We recommend sending the unit for a calibration service every few hundred uses or at least once a year. This will help maintain the integrity and accuracy of the unit.

There's how to buy the consumables aside. We sell the box that contains 20 units.

The application is available for download at App Store and Google Play.


There's how to buy the consumables aside. We sell the box that contains 20 units.

Yes, the nozzles are reusable. You do not have to throw them away every time you use them. They can be washed with soap and warm water.

the BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer uses one AAA alkaline battery. And the battery life is about 50-75 tests.